Honors Program | BYU - Hawaii | Seeking Intellectual Challenge |

The University Honors Program is designed to enrich talented and motivated students by offering small and highly interactive classes.  This is the place for students who relish learning and seek an intellectual challenge.

Various honors courses are offered each term and semester.  Any interested student may enroll. No pre-requisites, applications, invitations, or recommendations are required. Participating students will have the opportunity to engage in a stimulating class environment with the best professors and other serious students.

In addition to honors classes, every Wednesday at 3:00 pm in HGB 117 guest speakers are invited from amongst esteemed faculty and guests to speak in the Honors Colloquium. While attendance is a necessity for honors students, anyone is welcome to attend.  All students who complete the full Honors Program requirements will receive Honors Distinction at graduation.

The Honors Program also sponsors social and service activities throughout the year, including Classic Film Nights, Book of the Semester, and Brainstorm.  Check out our Facebook page to learn more.